The game of golf has been incredibly good to me.  It has given me the opportunity to represent my home country of New Zealand, to pursue my academic endeavors at Iowa State University in the United States and has introduced me to genuine people that I now call family.  There’s no doubt that it is a tough profession, but it’s one that I wouldn’t give up for the world.

My hope is that this blog allows you to come along on the journey with me; to ride the roller-coaster of emotions that lurk within the game of golf.  I’ll provide you with insights, experiences and stories that I encounter while chasing my dream towards the pinnacle of the golfing world – the PGA Tour.


Nick Voke


One Response to About

  1. ben tong says:

    Dear Nick.

    How are you??
    You should start the amateur tour in Abu Dhabi toady but there is no real time broadcasting in hong kong !! So…Gloria and I cannot see you in TV in coming four days but please feel our full support to you from us.

    Please keep your style, your confident, your patient, your relaxation and…..

    Good luck to you and all your teammate and coach!!
    HOPING to know good new about you very soon.

    Enjoy the time in this event and best wishes to you!!

    best regard,

    ben tong
    (caddie ben)


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