Greetings everybody

First and foremost, welcome to my new blog! I’ve just wrapped up my second year at Iowa State University, it’s been an incredible adventure so far and I’m looking forward to finishing it off in style.

I will never forget the overwhelming support I received when I first contemplated the idea of going to College in the US. The support and encouragement I received from people from all walks of life was truly humbling and to be able to have you all along on this journey is extremely rewarding.  I am now reflecting on the past two years and still pinch myself when I think about the opportunity I have been given to not only pursue my passion but to be able to live my life to it’s fullest potential.

This blog will follow my adventures from this US Summer onwards, including my final two years of college.  I look forward to embracing you all on the rest of my journey so that you too can experience the thrill that you have all allowed me to experience.

Nick Voke


One Response to About

  1. ben tong says:

    Dear Nick.

    How are you??
    You should start the amateur tour in Abu Dhabi toady but there is no real time broadcasting in hong kong !! So…Gloria and I cannot see you in TV in coming four days but please feel our full support to you from us.

    Please keep your style, your confident, your patient, your relaxation and…..

    Good luck to you and all your teammate and coach!!
    HOPING to know good new about you very soon.

    Enjoy the time in this event and best wishes to you!!

    best regard,

    ben tong
    (caddie ben)


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